The Reckless Game of an Untamed Lady

When secrets lurk behind every shadow, she finds her truth in his ocean eyes.

Anna Gibson bends under no constraint. Determined to live by her own rules, she rejects the suitors her aunt presents to her until she meets the one that lights a fire within her.

Convinced he will never find a love like his parents’, Nicholas Wood, Earl of Denmont, must deal with the fact of his lonely heart. When his mother arranges a match for him with Miss Dawson, he is shaken by the feelings awakening inside him... for her cousin.

Anna and Nicholas experience an enthralling passion doomed at its outset; he is promised to another, she longs for the gentleman she cannot have.

Cursed to comply with the arrangements, they must take their fate into their hands. But the truth is not their only enemy. Scandals, attacks, and perilous chases reveal that someone knows more than they let on. And it’s the one pouring the poison in their wounds…

*If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then The Reckless Game of an Untamed Lady is the novel for you.

It is a Historical Regency romance novel of more than 80,000 words. STANDALONE, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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